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What are the uses of Open VPN? The benefits that we can get if our connection uses OpenVPN are:
1. We can be anonymous surfing. That is, you can surf the internet without being traced to the original IP that you have, it is because our IP will be detected by another IP (anonymous), which is in accordance with the IP of the VPN server we are using. In conclusion we are safe online from hackers.

2. In terms of the security of information that you receive or send via the internet, it has security with 128 bit / 1024 bit VPN standard encryption.
3. Then we can also access all blocked sites.
4. Can also maintain the security of our username and password when logging into financial websites from sniffers.

list serverConfig OpenVPN List :

serach server
No. Server Status Last Update Download Config
1us.ipvpn.ccOFFLINE Download !download config vpn
2sg.ipvpn.ccOFFLINE Download !download config vpn
3de.ipvpn.ccOFFLINE Download !download config vpn
4fr.ipvpn.ccONLINE Download !download config vpn